MidSouth is an engineering and contracting company.  We
are set apart from all other “roofing companies” because we are experts in our field and we provide the following comprehensive services to all of our clients:

  • Roof inspections: Our inspectors are trained in how to determine wind, storm, and hail damage and determine if there are manufacturer’s defects or installation and ventilation issues.
  • Engineering: We have engineers that can provide engineering reports detailing any damage or issues we find during the inspection.
  • Insurance Claims: We have extensive experience and knowledge of how to guide property owners with their insurance claim – or handling it completely for them. We have expertise in dealing with standard and denied insurance claims.
  • Replacing Roofs: We have numerous experienced, professional, and efficient crews that have installed over 650 roofs. We can install any roof on any house and specialize in large, complicated roofs.

We specialize in high-end, complicated homes but have the ability and experience to provide excellent service for any size project.  MidSouth works with Residential and Commercial properties, mainly with shingle roofs, but can complete most all roofing projects. With all of these capabilities, MidSouth is not a typical "roofing" company.

MidSouth inspectors conduct a detailed, hands-on inspection of your entire roof for any issues. Our engineers are responsible for the roof inspections and can compile a report detailing any damage found. Our highly trained and experienced staff will be your advocate through the entire claim process – even if you have filed a claim and it was denied, or if only a repair or partial replacement was authorized. We will act on your behalf to ensure that your settlement is in line with the amount of existing damage. Our roofing installation crews continue to receive accolades not only for their on time and efficient installations, but also for the unmatched quality of their workmanship.

MidSouth Services does not charge for the inspection, engineering or handling the insurance claim when we are used to complete the repair or replacement if the claim is approved. Going through an insurance claim can be a daunting task, but with our comprehensive services and extensive experience, we can help make the process less taxing on the home owner. Our mission is to provide the highest quality job in a timely manner as we meet the specific needs of our clients.

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